Achieving Work/Life Balance

Work/Life Balance

Today there are so many demands on our time. Our drive to achieve is put to the test when there is so much to do, we have ambitious goals and this seems, at the time, so incredibly important to us, we forget the journey and the people around us. We end up living very unfilled lives and having major regrets. We aim to present many different perspectives on finding the right personal work/life balance by assessing how important our activities are that match our true values. As well as ensuring we are both passionate inside and outside of work to live a life which is enjoyable, fulfilling and respectful.

Course Delivery Method

Video, small group exercises, large group discussion, role plays, water park fun practical team building activities, inside team activities, written exercises, awards ceremony/recognition of contribution


Course Contents

Dangers and drivers of the wrong work/life balance
Consequences for the unbalanced individual
Which personality types are more at risk?
Pressure and stress points - understanding levels of resilience
The power of the mind - taking back control
Perspective - how to shift quickly
Ego - what is healthy, what is not
Emotional control - understanding the influence of the inner urges
Find or rediscover your passion
Understand your top personal values
Learn to appreciate the value of other values
What makes you tick - balance vs pain
Goal setting for focused and balanced mind
Becoming eco-friendly
Understanding the main areas of a balanced life wheel
Creating your ideal life success platform
Practical Strategies for a better work/life balance
keeping track of your status
quick mental exercises for refreshing the mind
activities that promote a healthy balanced life style
the common traps and things to avoid

Learning Outcomes

" Determine if you are particularly at risk from a work life balance problems
" Retain a sensible perspective and gain control of your mind/emotions
" Rediscover/discover your passion in life and personal values to ensure your stay motivated and enjoy every aspect of your life
" Set personal goals that encompass all the people in your life and help create a balanced journey
" Choose practical rebalancing activities from a wide list of focused actions to ensure we stay on track
" List Work/Life Balance issues and identify the various risks associated with them
" Establish reasons for reactions and emotions based on situations. List ways in which to comprehend
" List activities required to set life goals
" Establish values that motivate you and others around you.
" Establish ways in which to list personal goals that encompass all the people that come in contact
" List all possible actions for any given situation and identify activities that help in rebalancing
Counter staff, general staff, Clerks, Administrators, Coordinators, Supervisors, Asst Managers, junior and middle managers or anyone who is interested in building and sustaining teams.