Delightful Customer Service

Delightful Customer Service

Delighted customers are loyal customers who spend more. These are the results of being able to delight the customer at every customer touch point in our retail stores and environment. Creating brand delighters is the goal of this programme by focusing on positive attitudes, attention to store detail and presentation as well as great conversations with customers and creating great experiences in store.


  • Introductions
    o Agenda review and rule setting
    o intro exercise, needs mapping, agree rules
    o What does delightful service mean?
    o Why do customers come to us?

  • I'm ready for action
    o How attitude affects our customers
    o What motivates me?
    o What de-motivates me at work?
    o Tools for being more positive and confident

  • I support my team
    o Why we can't do it alone
    o What team work really means
    o How do you know when it's working well
    o What can I do to contribute more?
  • Meeting and Greeting for Delight
    o Great phrases, wrong phrases
    o Creating real delight and surprise
    o Being visibile but invisible

  • Communicating with customers
    o Asking the right questions
    o Giving delightful solutions
    o Handling diferent cultures
    o Keeping them informed

  • Delighting upset customers
    o The impact of social media
    o The golden rules of handling customer complaints
    o Handling very upset customers

  • Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to Define Customer Service Excellence and describe what it looks like in your organisation.
  • Understand how attitude affects the customer experience and how to project a positive persona
  • Understand the link between supporting and working with other team members (communicating) and delighting the customer
  • Understand how external and store presentation can delight the customer (defining expectations)
  • Discover how to delight the customer when we see them with great communication
  • Learn which questions to ask to provide delightful solutions to customers from multiple cultures
  • How to delight customers even when they are upset or complain (and why this is important)
  • List factors contributing to achieving Customer Service Excellence.
  • Evaluate how positive and responsive participants are on a scale of 1 to 10
  • Develop Customer journey map and highlight internal communication points
  • Identifying the correct list of danger zones in the store
  • Accuracy of store map representation
  • List and enact a number of responses. Measure for Quality of verbal responses
  • Ability to Identify customers from different cultural backgrounds
  • Ability to fully comprehend the breadth of differences between various cultures
  • Ability to gain the Depth of knowledge of rules of customer complaint handling
  • Acquire better Quality and confidence in role play scenario

  • Clerks, Customer service executive, Front office staff, Receptionist, Sale Executive, Sales manager, Customer Service Manager or anyone who is interested in building skills in Customer Service Excellence