Essential Selling Skills

Essential Selling Skills

A focused retail sales programme designed to provide the attendee with all the essential sales tools to boost confidence, develop the right attitude and boost their knowledge and skills. Combined with different sales techniques for different customers, it will allow the sales advisor to perform confidently the critical role of identifying the correct customer type, identify their needs and match them appropriately with the potential to expand the transaction to increase both the volume of transactions and their value, in their branch, leading to a growth across the company.


Agenda review and rule setting
intro exercise, needs mapping, agree rules
Why is selling important to us?
Why do customers buy?

Selling made easy
Everyone is a sales person - it's easier than you think
Building confidence
Sales as an education process
The six selling steps

Approaching and talking to customers
- when and how to do it confidently
Identifying the 4 customer types and how to sell to them
How to quickly build rapport by identifying key 4 customer types and their behaviours

When is the right time to approach a customer?
How to approach a customer confidently - what to say and do

Buying signals - capitalising on hidden opportunities
Reading and responding to the buying signs
Finding out what customers really need
Questioning, listening, watching and summarising

Pro-Active Selling
The "So What?" Principle
Features to benefits
How to solve customers' problems - what do they need vs what are they looking for?

Giving ideas to customers
(alternatives, cross selling and up selling, lifestyle selling)
Offering a choice
Retail alternatives and upselling - creating a "lifestyle" sell
Cross Selling - Additional sales and add-ons

Closing that sale, handling objections and leaving a positive impression
Helping customers make a buying decision
Handling objections
Why buy now?
Ending the sale positively

Learning Outcomes

Understand the reasons customers buy
Better attitude (with a strong compelling reason to sell) and stronger confidence
When and how to approach customers confidently
How to read buying signals and what questions to ask to understand customer needs
How to sell more by matching customers needs and selling benefits not features
How to up sell, cross sell and lifestyle sell
How to close a sale and handle objections
Sales Executives, Sales Team Leaders, Salesman, Sales Counter staff